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Issue 35


The Future of Design in Technology
10 predictions of where design will be in 10 years from Julie Zhuo, Product Design Director at Facebook.

Fingers, Thumbs, and People
10 distinct guidelines for touchscreen design based on interrelated interactions, ergonomics considerations, and human behaviors.

Functional Animation In UX Design
Nine guiding principles for functional animation – a design concept that supports the solution we are trying to convey.

Don’t Prioritize Efficiency Over Expectations
Features meant to increase user efficiency by reducing steps can end up hurting users if they do not conform to existing mental models and expectations based on past experiences.

Conducting an Interface Inventory
A 5-step guide to conducting an interface inventory – a critical first step for establishing an effective interface design system.

Designing for Disappearing Interfaces
David McGillivray writes that in the future, interfaces will be more integral to our experience but we won’t perceive them as separate, limited, defined spaces.

Practicing Empathy With Teams
Empathy in UX design is crucial but it is just as important for us to have empathy when interact with our team members.

Why “Mobile First” May Already Be Outdated
Instead of designing for mobile first, think about what are your user’s goals and what screen is best suited to complete those goals.

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Tools & Resources

Think Kit by FiftyThree
Mobile whiteboarding at the speed of thought. Looks to be a great tool for quick wireframing and sketching.

A qualitative research tool by Optimal Workshop that improves the traceability of your research, the discovery of patterns and themes, and the effectiveness of your team.

Guidelines for Animation Timing
What’s the ideal timing for animation? Dominic Nguyen, design director at Percolate Studio, explores human cognition and perception to come up with a guideline range.


Fake It Make It: How to Make an App Prototype in 3 Hours (Kindle – $2.99)
How to use Keynote or PowerPoint to prototype and validate your app ideas in 3 hours or less.

UX Book Giveaway
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UX Portfolios

Ruizhi Liu
Ruizhi is a UX designer and researcher. His case studies are pretty good but take awhile to navigate to. Here is one on an app called Landmine.

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Last But Not Least

Try and guess the colors as fast as possible.

“I’m very font of you because you’re just my type.”
— Unknown

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