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Issue 349


User-centered Design System Resources
How to go beyond asset libraries and build systems for people.

UX vs. Service Design
User experience is focused on what the end user encounters, whereas service design is focused on how that user experience is internally created.

Designing in Figma? Up your game with these two critical tools
If you’re always striving to keep up with the latest and greatest, you’re going to want to learn how to apply Auto Layout and Variants to your design systems.

Reviewing the Safari redesign in iOS 15
An overview of the changes, some theories on the project’s goals, and thoughts on how it’s working so far.

Should UX and Product Management merge?
Both UX design and product management is a shared responsibility.


Tempo — The minimalist email client for Mac & iOS
Tempo is reimagining the email client as a place to help you focus and build better routines. A calming interface sets the tone for a set of unique features to help you feel in control. UX Design Weekly readers can try Tempo for free.

Tools and Resources

In the Margin
Abstract’s new hub for all things design process.

Cloud storage platform for creatives.

UI Guideline
The definitive guide to standardize the design/code of the UI components.

Generate shareable images from Figma.

Useful Figma Plugins And Tools
Useful Figma plugins that will boost your productivity.


Figma Bites
A video series that aims to teach you how to speed up your Figma workflow.

UX Portfolio

Bennett Huffman
Bennett is a product designer at NOVID.

Last But Not Least

The Design Quiz
Test your UX, UI and graphic design knowledge.

“Look at usual things with unusual eyes.”
— Vico Magistretti

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