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Issue 347


Designing our way into Virtual First
What we’ve learned (so far) from working Virtual First.

Four Factors in UX Maturity
Improving UX maturity requires growth and evolution across 4 high-level factors: strategy, culture, process, and outcomes.

Design & Product Pitch Canvas
A good starting point to pitch a product idea, design, or even present yourself in a job interview.

Accessible design from the get-go
20% of designer effort can solve up to 80% of accessibility challenges for digital interfaces.


Tempo — The minimalist email client for Mac & iOS
Tempo is reimagining the email client as a place to help you focus and build better routines. A calming interface sets the tone for a set of unique features to help you feel in control. UX Design Weekly readers can try Tempo for free.

Tools and Resources

Design tool for 3D web experiences.

Quest AI
From Figma to HTML live site in just two clicks.

Collaborative presentations for creative teams.

UX Portfolio

Masaki Iwabuchi
Masaki is a vision-driven Design Researcher and Associate Professor at Tohoku University, Japan.

Last But Not Least

Love robots + UI: The role of AI in the design industry
The best design doesn’t fit a formula; it harnesses the creativity of human beings.

“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”
— Mark Twain

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