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Issue 345


Good product designers / bad product designers
Too many companies, and even many designers, have no clue what a good product designer actually looks like.

Growing (and Shrinking) Pains
How to fix a broken spacing system.

The Current State of Homepage UX
Avoiding 8 common UX issues is the first step toward improving users’ Homepage experience.

Designing persuasive banners that don’t ruin your UX
Managing banner expectations and their struggle for recognition.

10 Usability Heuristics Applied to Virtual Reality
Jakob Nielsen’s 10 usability heuristics can improve the user experience of VR applications.

Frustrating Design Patterns: Broken Filters
Filters are everywhere but too often dealing with them can be frustrating.

Windows 11: Designing the Next Generation
Leveraging customer insights and empathy to create for a billion people. Also check out why Microsoft refreshed their 1800+ emoji’s to support the new landscape of work.


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Tools and Resources

A creative workspace with notes, whiteboards, todos, and a daily planner.

Sticky notes for the web to collaboratively edit your website.

Framer for Developers
The power of the browser with the freedom of a canvas.
A history of the design grid, how might we tackle these challenges, and execute the recommendations.

UX Portfolio

Rose Kuan
Rose is a Product Design Intern at Coinbase.

Last But Not Least

5 Tips for an Outcome-driven Design Portfolio
How focusing on results can help your portfolio bubble up to the top.

“Your company’s survival is tied to the ability of the products it makes to work in situations you haven’t imagined, and on devices that don’t yet exist.”
— Jeffrey Zeldman