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Issue 342


How to Draw a Wireframe (Even if You Can’t Draw)
Even people with limited drawing abilities can learn to sketch a wireframe if they learn a few common conventions used to represent various design elements.

An Alternative Voice UI To Voice Assistants
In order for voice user interfaces to really break through, feedback to the user must be visual, not auditive.

Visual craftsmanship for all
Why and how designers can sensitze cross-functional partners to good visual aesthetics and help make craftsmanship a team effort.

Designing a new Foundation: Spotify for Desktop
It’s often difficult (sometimes impossible) to take big risks in order to build a future you believe in.

Is UX still viable? The unintended consequences of user-centered design
Failing to look beyond primary users can have significant impact on our communities, our cities and our planet.


Learn, connect and level up with the best designers in tech
On Deck Design (ODD) is a continuous community for experienced designers who want to accelerate their careers and become confident leaders. Apply by August 1 to join the next cohort!

Tools and Resources

Carelessly designed Doodle icons for your next project’s wireframe.

UI Snippets
A collection of UI Snippets.

Landing Page Kit for Framer
A drag and drop website kit.

UX Portfolio

Jeremy Stokes
Jeremy is a Product Designer at Duolingo.

Levi Jones
Levi is a Product Designer at unfold.

Last But Not Least

The true cost of a redesign
Be mindful of the challenges that come with a complete overhaul of the design.

“Paper, transcribing — it’s special. Offers a sort of kinetic lucidity computers just haven’t been able to replicate yet.”
— Mike Wamugu

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