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Issue 341


Why so many products are badly designed
The basics of good design are often ignored. But it’s time for companies and consumers to start demanding more.

How to measure design impact
Combining top tasks and PURE (Pragmatic Usability Ratings by Experts) to measure design impact.

The 6 Levels of UX Maturity
The 6 stages cover processes, design, research, leadership support, and longevity of UX.

The Power of Product Thinking
Why it matters, what it is, what it isn’t, and how you improve your skills.

Asynchronous Design Critique: Giving Feedback
Feedback is one of the most effective soft skills to collaboratively get our designs to a better place while growing our own skills and perspectives.

The 7 Design Leadership Styles
Craft your own unique approach to bring out the best in your design team.


Make your UX qualitative testing easier with moyo.
moyo helps you to collaborate on UX projects, design testing scripts, schedule testing sessions, gather & collate participant feedback, and write a report of your findings – all in one place.

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Tools and Resources

A free design bootcamp open to anyone.

New UX Research Study on Native Mobile Apps
3 high-level findings for mobile apps.

That’s Smashing Live Online UX Workshops
Boost your design skills online and learn practical insights from experts in the industry, live. That’s Smashing Online Workshops. UX Design Weekly readers get save $50 for all workshops.

UX Portfolio

Vax Liu
Vax is an Experience Designer at Airbnb.

Last But Not Least

To Learn a New UX Skill, Read an Old Book
Why you should consider using older books to learn about UX.

“If you want to understand how animals live, you don’t go to the zoo, you go to the jungle”
— Jørgen Vig Knudstorp, former CEO of the Lego Group

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