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Issue 339


Cognitive Bias and the Design Process
Designers are just as vulnerable to the blindspots and fallacies that come with cognitive bias as the people who use the products and services we design.

Ethics in Design
We’re not just responsible for what we choose to design, but just as much, what we choose not to design.

Adaptation – Taking your UX career to the next level
For UXers the ability to quickly adapt is fundamental to operating at a senior level.

Command Palette Interfaces
If you want to add lots of functionality without a bloated interface, a command palette may be able to help.

Inclusive UX in an era of anxiety
It’s more important than ever to consider mental health while designing.


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Tools and Resources

The Art of Design Spec’ing
Hw to create design specs and smooth out the hand-off process between design and engineering.

Mobile Palette Generator
Generate color palettes with a click of the mouse.

Presentation for Adobe XD
Adobe XD plugin to create and make presenting deign easy and beautiful.

Bitcoin Design Guide
Handbook for bitcoin product design best practices.

UX Portfolio

Patrick Ree
Patrick is a product designer at Spotify.

Last But Not Least

I helped pioneer UX design. What I see today horrifies me
This article has been making the rounds this week with plenty of debate.

“Talent is a pursued interest. In other words, anything you are willing to practice, you can do.”
— Bob Ross

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