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Issue 338


UI & UX Micro-Tips: Volume Five
When creating practical, accessible, and gorgeous UIs, it takes only the tiniest tweaks to improve your designs.

How to Maximize the User Research You’re Already Doing
Insightful user research can be expensive and time consuming.

It’s time to rethink phones
Our current generation of phones may not actually be assisting us, it could be slowing us down.

When in the design process should I use components in my design system?
The proper time to reach for the components in your design system is at the end of solution exploration.

Communicating Research for Impact
Simple strategies for researchers in tech to drive change.


BugHerd makes design feedback simple for everyone
Spend less time discussing design changes. BugHerd turns vague emails and spreadsheets into visual, trackable website feedback to help you delight clients. Turn feedback nightmares into website dreams even with non-technical clients.

Tools and Resources

Dan Pink: Creating meaningful connections – DesignBetter
Creating meaningful connections in a Zoom-dominated workplace and reasons that design literacy is critical for all business leaders who want to remain relevant.

Helsinki Design System
An open-source design system for digital products and experiences with the City of Helsinki Design Language at its heart.

Than Average
A small unscientific investigation into how we value and compare ourselves to each other.

Free Image Resizer
Resize images in 3 easy steps.

minimal avatars
Create minimal, unique and playful avatars for free.

UX Portfolio

Jonas Downey
Jonas is a designer who previously was the head of design at Basecamp.

Last But Not Least

Terms and Conditions Apply
A mini-game about pop ups, and the deviousness of websites and apps

“How well we communicate is determined not by how well we say things, but how well we are understood.”
— Andrew Grove

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