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Issue 337


A better segmented control
Embracing a growth mindset and ending up with a more robust ecosystem of selection patterns.

Left-Side Vertical Navigation on Desktop: Scalable, Responsive, and Easy to Scan
Ensure that vertical navigation is left-aligned, keyword front-loaded, and visible.

Better in black: Rethinking our most important buttons
Spotify is making significant changes to their most important buttons to make them more accessible.

Frustrating Design Patterns: Mega-Dropdown Hover Menus
Why mega-dropdown hover menus are a problem and what you can do about it.

Communicating Research for Impact
Simple strategies for researchers in tech to drive change.


“This is how video calls should feel. Thank you! 😭😭😭”
Meet Around, video calls built for collaboration, not meetings. Free up your screen for design sessions with our beautiful, lightweight, and unobtrusive interface.

Thousands of teams prefer us for daily collaboration, ranging from design studios to the world’s most innovative companies.

Tools and Resources

Unveiling Material You
The next stage for Material Design.

Figma Tips
Figma Tips is a plugin that helps you up your design game in Figma by watching short tutorial videos about designing in Figma!

User Hero
A hub to organize user research and generate learnings fast

Create landing pages that delight
300+ components from the best landing pages to serve as inspiration for your next project.

UX Portfolio

Tim Quirino
Tim is a Product Designer at Threads and spent 7 years at Facebook.

Last But Not Least

Giving a damn about accessibility (PDF)
A candid and practical handbook for designers.

““Good accessibility professionals speak at accessibility events. Great accessibility professionals speak at design events.”
— Sheri Byrne-Haber

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