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Issue 331


The Current State of Mobile UX
18 Common design pitfalls and strategic oversights applicable to most mobile e-commerce sites.

Sticky Headers: 5 Ways to Make Them Better
Persistent headers can be useful to users if they are unobtrusive, high-contrast, minimally animated, and fit user needs.

The Market for User Research Platforms
We’ve now reached a point where the market demands user research tools that are more real-time, contextual, collaborative, and easily digestible

Measuring design debt
The qualitative and quantitative measurements of design debt and how to put them into practice.

How to make strategic trade-offs that will boost your UX career
An 8-step process for getting more strategic about your UX career. Also check out A simple trick to accelerate growth as a designer.


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Tools and Resources

UX Design Challenges – UX Tools
Practice design challenges with real-world exercises.

Cross-functional Team Collaboration Kit
A Figma template to help facilitate cross-functional collaboration across teams in our virtual first world.

An All-Inclusive Figma Template for Your Next Remote Design Sprint
Making Figma the easy-to-access place to get everything participants would need.

Generate better performing product screenshots.

A browser-based editor for creating app wireframes.

Glob Editor
A globs-based vector editor.


Facebook Veteran Julie Zhuo: Lessons from High-Growth Startups and How to Hire Exceptional Designers
Lessons learned from high-growth startup environments; how to manage imposter syndrome; and tips for hiring excellent design talent.

UX Portfolio

Sang Jun Lee
Sang is a Product Designer at Data N Solution.

Last But Not Least

Your new UX superpower: Business acumen
You have the power to show that what’s good for users can also be good for the business.