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Issue 330


100 Things I Know About Design
A list by Dan Saffer.

What a UX Strategist Does
A UX Strategist aligns user experience design with the business goals and strategy of the company.

How to ask for design feedback at every stage of a project
Thinking about when, who, and why is a fast-track to getting the answers you need.

How to Design Better Icons
Tips to help you design better icons.

The anatomy of a design trend
A discussion of the theory of design trends with sample trends in UX.

Tools and Resources

Stark’s Public Library
~1,000 carefully curated accessibility content we’ve aggregated from all over the internet—from articles and tools, to courses and guides.

Short video recordings for async collaboration.

A growing collection of free, hand-drawn illustrations.

Review and comment on websites live.

UX Portfolio

Ryhan Hassan
Ryhan is a designer at Figma.

Last But Not Least

A practical guide to information architecture
A guide to information architecture and navigation design, for website and intranet design and redesign projects. Free for a limited time.

“Users need to be able to find content before they can use it — findability precedes usability.”
— Louis Rosenfeld