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Issue 33

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Design Details: Carousel by Dropbox
Brian Lovin navigates through some of Carousel’s design details and notes how crucial of a role animation and illustration play in creating a truly delightful experience.

12 Fascinating Projects From the Bleeding Edge of Interaction Design
A look at the new kinds of devices scientists and designers are prototyping for the future.

Obvious Always Wins
Luke Wroblewski put together a series of posts this last week compiling his tweets/images into articles on topics. This one is about how making things obvious always performed better. Other short articles include The Invisible Interface, Defining Mobile and There Is No Fold.

Content-First Design
Video games mastered the art of interactive storytelling by starting with the story. Steph Hay writes we should start with the content when designing and how content prototyping changes the way we work.

9 UX Myths That You Thought Were True But Are Not
A look at some common UX myths going around and what truth really is. For more myths, check out UX Myths.

The Complexity of Easy Onboarding
A guide to help you create a complete onboarding experience.

Why Infield Top Aligned Form Labels are Quickest to Scan
An alternative way to label your form inputs that meets user expectations and decreases form abandonment.

Practical Advice for Testing Content on Websites
Some modified user-testing techniques to evaluate whether your content meets users’ needs and expectations.

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UX Alive
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Tools & Resources

Design Universal Windows Platform apps
Learn how to design a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app that looks fantastic on all Windows 10-based devices, from phones and tablets to PCs and Surface Hub.


MX 2015: Managing Experience Conference Videos
Video’s from Adaptive Path’s Managing Experience conference last week.

What is Wrong with UX (Podcast)
Past UX Design Weekly guest curator, Laura Klein and Kate Rutter yell at each other about how to make products suck slightly less.

The Drawing Board: Pull Cord
Cooper talks about the anxiety when riding the bus about either pulling the cord soon or too late and how that could be solved with a service called Pull Cord.

UX Portfolios

Jason Lim
Jason is a product designer at Tradecraft in San Francisco. His portfolio highlights his design process and thinking behind each project, along with the usual deliverables and result.

Last But Not Least

Digital vs Traditional Design
A fun, short 1 minute film about digital vs traditional design.

“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
— John Maeda

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