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Issue 329


Computers and Creativity
What we can do with computers is often limited by the depth to which we are able to think creatively.

The PM 🤝 Design Partnership
Five tips for PMs working with designers by Katie Dill.

How to write inclusive, accessible digital products
Good UX writing invites everyone to use the interface.

Organizing Design Work in Figma โ€” A Systemic Guide and Framework
For digital designers who want to organize their working files to improve clarity and collaboration within and across teams.

You probably donโ€™t need A/B testing
The best way to optimise your website is usually the simplest.

Tools and Resources

The Component Gallery
A repository of interface components based on examples from the world of design systems.

A free fonts service making high-quality fonts accessible to all.

Sketch 71 โ€” Real-Time Collaboration is here!
Real-Time Collaboration is now officially available for Sketch.

UI Coach – Feedback Platform
Free anonymous feedback for UI/UX designers.

Card sorting
Discover what users think about content of your website.

UX Portfolio

Liza Bel
Liza is a Senior UX designer at Trifacta.

Last But Not Least

Modify Your Design for Global Audiences: Crosscultural UX Design
Researching general and contextual cultural differences helps you decide what type of design changes you should make.

โ€œLook at usual things with unusual eyes.โ€
โ€” Vico Magistretti