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Issue 327


Pillars of Digital Product Design
Some of the key foundational pillars for designing user-friendly software for digital products.

Advice for Aspiring Designers
When it comes to standing out, remember that passion, process and aptitude will enable you to shine.

Best Practices: Designing autosuggest experiences
8 design recommendations for search bar & autosuggest patterns.

Why Does a Design Look Good?
Visually aesthetic designs use consistent typography, establish a clear hierarchy, utilize a refined color palette, and align to a grid.

Building an Accessibility Library
Give UX designers the tools to build products everyone can use.

The UX Writing Process in Tech โ€” Demystified
UX writing is not just words, but it is about understanding, collaborating, analyzing, and then writing.

Tools and Resources

Google UX Design Certificate
Google has launched a foundational course on Coursea for those interested in a career in UX design.
A collection of productivity tools for designers (and developers).

Generate unique SVG design assets.

Give feedback, Google-doc style, directly on your website.

UX Portfolio

Jarren Horrocks
Jarren is a designer in the Bay Area.

Oscar Dumlao
Oscar is a Junior at Stanford studying Product Design.

Last But Not Least

Keeping Your Design Mind New and Fresh
A new philosophy of watching, observing, questioning, and exploring.

โ€œDesign is an opportunity to continue telling the story, not just to sum everything up.โ€
โ€” Tate Linden