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Issue 325


AI in Design
A glimpse into what the future of design tools might look like.

Things I wish UX candidates would ask me during interviews
Interviewing your interviewer is a critical part of your career decision-making process.

How to Handle Dominating Participants in UX Workshops
Intervention tactics to maintain positive momentum in groups with participants who monopolize activities and limit diversity of perspectives.

What does “after UX” even mean?
How viral “top of the iceberg” advice could do more harm than good.

Material Design Text Fields Are Badly Designed
Why floating labels aren’t a very good idea, and what to use instead.

Our endless search for patterns
How humans have always made decisions and why it matters for UX.

Tools and Resources

Framer for Mac and Windows
Framer is now available as a free, cross-platform desktop app for Mac and Windows.

Ethical Design Guide
Resources on how to create ethical products that don’t cause harm.

Experience Japan Pictograms
A novel set of visual symbols developed for people of all cultures and ages to enhance their tourism experience in Japan.

Draw an iceberg and see how it will float.


Sana Rao – By Design Podcast
Sana Rao explains how questions drive her research process. She tells us the perfect time to start research and when you know you’re done.

Nick Finck – Aurelius Podcast
Nick Finck talks leadership, career progression, hiring and job hunting in UX.

Accessibility – The Clearleft Podcast
Laura Kalbag, Léonie Watson, and Cassie Evans dive into accessibility on the web.

UX Portfolio

Veronika Kostova
Veronika is a UX designer in New York.

Last But Not Least

The UX on this Small Child Is Terrible
The Small Child is under-designed, unintuitive, and frequently fails to meet even the most relaxed ease-of-use standards.

“Not everyone notices the flowers you plant, but everyone will notice the fire you start.”
— Unknown