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Issue 323


A small journey into madness creating complex variants in Figma
One component to rule them all.

How to use design pairing to gain crucial context
Pairing is an essential skill when you’re working remotely.

Remote Design Work: Top Challenges
Communication is the top challenge when designing remotely.

Improving comprehension through intuitive actions
The ability to read and technology fluency impact how people interact with mobile devices.

The Never-Ending Job of Selling Design Systems
Methods to convincece executives not just to fund the initial push of design system work, but to keep funding it.

Framer is still alive and well… and it’s a game-changer
A love letter to Framer.

Tools and Resources

Doodle with generated patterns.

A visual production platform.

A design tool for motion.

UX Portfolio

Kris Jensson
Kris is a product designer and student at Academy of Art University.

Last But Not Least

A hill to die on
When do we stand up in a design review, present our case, and say “this is a hill I’m willing to die on”?

“Chaos can sometimes acheive what order may not.”
— Tom Chi