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Issue 322


How To Put Faith in UX Design
Put your faith in your UX knowledge and use it as a foundation to stand on, instead of a weight holding you down.

How to solve design’s ‘work around the work’ problem
It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture when design work becomes fragmented.

Framer is dead – A love letter to my prototyping tool of choice
Framer filled a gap that no other prototyping tool had offered at the time.

Applying white space in UI design
8 practical tips, with examples.

Illustrating concepts using Figma’s Smart Animate
How to use Figma’s Smart Animate feature to illustrate concepts in your work as a product designer.


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Tools and Resources

Smart Components for Framer
Not dead yet? Design interactive components with multiple variants and variables.

Open source design and prototyping platform meant for cross-domain teams.

Lightning fast visual feedback and design collaboration.

UX Portfolio

Daniel Eden
Daniel is a Design Manager at Facebook.

Last But Not Least

The Battle For Design Titles
Are you a UX/UI/Product/Interaction/Full-Stack/Visual/Digital Designer and how would you know?

“Don’t avoid people who disagree with you — a dissenting view can push everyone else to do better work.”
— Jake Knapp

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