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Issue 321


The service-based design org
15 principles for a good design service.

Measuring, Defining and Improving Productivity: The Design Productivity Blueprint
Creating the space for designers to do their best work.

Removing Nested Modals From Digital Products
Why nested modals should be avoided and what to use instead.

How to estimate design work
Exploring some of the pitfalls of cost estimations for digital products and approaches to do it better.

The Craft(s) of Leadership: Communication and Information Architecture
For leaders, who seek influence and impact beyond themselves, communication is the means of wielding that influence.

Tools and Resources

Laws of UX 2.0
A redesign with a focus on scalability, accessibility and more.

An open-source accessibility focused color picker app for macOS.

An inclusive community for designers to chat, learn & share.

UX Portfolio

Adam Syed
Adam is a UX Design Intern at Tesla and incoming Facebook product designer.

Last But Not Least

Why I’m losing faith in UX
We’re headed into a dangerous time, when our society is run on digital platforms, and UX isn’t leading the way to ensure that those tools are usable.

“Leaders are, of necessity, orchestrators of systems, and systems instantiate knowledge as information architecture within them. ”
— Jesse James Garrett