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Issue 318


The Field of UX Design by 2030
How might we look back upon the role of UX design in the 2020s?

Typical Design Team Structures and Alignment
Themes in the structure, size, alignment, and impact of design teams.

Measuring design quality with heuristics
An evaluation mechanism based on Jakob Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design.

5 designer personas every design team has to have
Identifying diverse designer personas that will complement each other and form a shared mindset.

How to write digital products with personality
The right words will shape the entire experience.

2021: The year to revisit Personas
Suggestions to start working on your post-pandemic persona’s journey.

Tools and Resources

Built for Mars
A collection of UX case studies.

5 Years of Design
Timetravel Design is a collection of beautiful designs ordered by month and year.

Design Lobby
Manage images, icons, fonts and colors.

A simple and free online portfolio for designers.

UX Portfolio

Bennett Huffman
Bennett is a product designer and design technologist at NOVID.

Last But Not Least

Hijack your feed. Inventing a more humane way to scroll
Inventing a more humane way to scroll.

“When thinking about the future, it’s not about the actual artifacts, but the relationships between them.”
— August de los Reyes