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Issue 317


10 Mobile UX Trends for 2021
The rise of superapps, fighting misinformation, sophisticated voice-based assistants, and more.

I disguised as an Instagram UX influencer for 4 months; this is what I learned about our community
Why and how designers share their work on social media.

A Designer’s Guide to Receiving Criticism and Managing Feedback
Putting acknowledging, empathizing, and assuring into practice. Also check out a quick Twitter thread by Julie Zhuo on giving design feedback.

Green by Default
This simple psychological trick could vastly reduce tech’s carbon footprint.

We need to stop fixating on designing “seamless” experiences
Designing the seams of information architecture.


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Tools and Resources

2020 Tools Survey Results
An annual survey on the most popular tools used by over 4,000 designers.

Sketch — Real-time collaboration
Sketch has launched real-time collaboration in public beta.

Framer – Fast Forward
Watch speedruns from Framer pros and tear apart their project files to learn how to prototype like them.

Radix UI
An open-source UI component library for building high-quality, accessible design systems and web apps.

Remote feedback tool for discussions, brainstorms & retros.

UX Portfolio

Connie Chen
Connie is a UX designer in the Bay Area interested in health tech.

Last But Not Least

Love Triangle
Figma María vs Sketcha Fernanda

“Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can install in us.”
— Hal Borland

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