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Issue 316


Try everything
Trying everything lets you get the bad ideas out, and helps you understand why they’re bad ideas.

How TikTok Design Hooks You Up
How TikTok onboards new customers, creates habit loops, drives our behavior, and hooks us up to keep using the app.

Small animations; big impact
The effect of small animations on the user experience and how they improve important KPIs such as conversion rates and discoverability.

Navigating the Awkward: A Framework for Design Conversations
Framing design conversations positively and ushering it as a steward, rather than being the gatekeeper.

Wireframes are useless
A breakdown of the most common arguments for using hi-fi wireframes and why we’re better off without them.

Tools and Resources

All-in-one design platform for you & your team.

AI-powered, continuous research for product teams.

Game UI Database
A comprehensive database of game interface screenshot designs.

UX Portfolio

Greg Jeanneau
Greg is a product designer living in Tokyo.

Last But Not Least

10 new rules of design
2021 is the perfect opportunity to overhaul the framework the industry is using to create a more equitable future for everyone.

“The next big thing is the one that makes the last big thing usable.”
— Blake Ross