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Issue 313


The UI & UX Tips Collection: Volume One
You can improve the end-result of your designs massively by making just a few simple, and quick adjustments.

The hand and the brain
Prescriptive feedback limits creative collaboration. The hand and the brain have to work together.

UX Lessons from Big Sur
There are problems with Apple’s Big Sur, but let’s look at a few UX decisions they mostly got right.

Design collaboration with engineering: good, better, best
Every designer and developer in tech has to have an answer ready for this question: how do you collaborate with each other?

A Roller Coaster Design Practice
Learnings and recommendations for product designers working in cross-functional teams.

Tips for a Successful UX Design Interview
What questions to expect, tips for answering them, and questions you can ask the interviewer.


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Tools and Resources

Behind the feature: the making of the new Auto Layout
The backstory on the previous versions of Auto Layout, the product tradeoffs Figma made, and how the feature has evolved over time.

Facebook Design is dedicated to what’s new in design
Facebook’s design site got a redesign. Read about some of their findings that led to the refresh.

Design to Save People from Themselves
Examples of software saving people from their own mistakes, insecurities, and ignorance.

LottieFiles Desktop App
Preview, test, and share your Lottie animation files with the desktop app.

UX Portfolio

Oliver Engel
Oliver is a product designer at Boundless.

Last But Not Least

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design
Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design have been slightly refined but have remained relevant and unchanged for 26 years.

“Above all, think of life as a prototype.”
— Tim Brown

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