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Issue 308


Emancipating Information Architecture
The practice of IA in the context of business is more challenging and more important than ever.

I choose me
Actionable advice on how to choose yourself, even when doing so makes you feel like the world might not understand you.

Unlearning to learn design
Open your mind to many forms and implications of design.

So good they can’t ignore you β€” how craftsmanship builds great careers
Once a craftsman builds reputation in a field, the upside is exponential.

Why designers should all be sketching
Sketching is a skill that can be developed and learned over time.


Meet Your Professional Portfolio Playground
Creating your portfolio in isolation is hard. Case Study Club Pro is your safe playground where designers just like you come to share ideas, work on projects, write case studies and launch a kick-ass portfolio β€” together. Everything you need to get your next big opportunity in UX.

Tools and Resources

2020 Design Tools Survey
Share your toolkit with thousands of designers in this annual survey.

Bravo Studio
Turn your Figma app prototype into native iOS and Android app without writing code.

The good line-height
Calculates the exact line height so it always fits the baseline grid.

Design Sustainably
A collection of tips, tools and resources for eco-concsious digital designers.

UX Portfolio

Brice Bai
Brice, a student at Yale and previously interned at Amazon.

Last But Not Least

User Interface Design Fails
Jakob Nielsen discusses the biggest failures in today’s user interface design.

β€œAs we decrease uncertainty, we give ourselves permission to increase fidelity.”
β€” Jonathan Irwin