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Issue 306


Design better by avoiding your cognitive biases
Good UI design is all about guiding attention to what’s important.

Bidirectional scrolling: what’s not to like?
That’s a lot of pros for a pattern that in reality has some critical downsides.

Opening Links in New Browser Windows and Tabs
Carefully examine the user’s context, task at hand, and next steps when deciding whether to open links to documents and external sites in the same or a new browser tab.

Top Skills First-Year UX Designers Should Master
Three tips for making a successful leap from beginner to expert.


Freddy Feedback is a modern and simple tool to get feedback from your users
There is no replacement for users telling you what they think. Our tool helps you to collect and analyze feedback on your products, designs, features and UX. It only takes a few minutes to set up and UX designers love it because of its modern and minimal design. And your users will love it because it’s delightfully simple.

Tools and Resources

Volt Prototyping Starter Kit | Framer
A free starter kit to help you master interactive prototyping in Framer.

The Design Magic
Automation methods that can help you devote more time to creativity and strategy in your design processes.

Quicksand, The Art of Getting Unstuck – Airbnb.Design
A new film series on overcoming creative adversity.


UX Portfolio

Elena Deng
Elena is studying product design at Carnegie Mellon and previously interned at Amazon.

Last But Not Least

Learn fundamentals of UI design through cinema
The many ways by how cinema and UI design are connected.

“Your products run for election every day and good design is critical to winning the campaign.”
— A.G. Lafley

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Freddy Feedback