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Issue 303


How to create stronger layouts with the 8pt Grid
Layout Grids are everything in UI Design.

SAR: A framework for concise storytelling
Situation, action, and result can help you structure information and communicate effectively.

An Introduction to Multi-Platform Design Systems
There is no single right way to support multiple platforms with your design systems.

Three Myths About Calculating the ROI of UX
Many teams overthink return-on-investment calculations for UX work. Treat these calculations as a way to estimate the strategic value of design.


Launch Special — 50% off Uxcel Pro
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Tools and Resources

A Founders’ Guide to Hiring your First Designer
A guide to help you determine the kind of designer who will best fit your growing team.

Logo Map Generator
Design tool to make positioning maps and Industry landscapes.

Learning to Lead a team with Core Values & Frameworks – Hireworthy Podcast
Aastha Gaur shares her wisdom on design management and effective frameworks.

UX Portfolio

Cameron Ward
Cameron is a product designer for Tinder.

Last But Not Least

Two cooks in the kitchen
How to collaborate better with other designers without burning down the kitchen.

“The soul never thinks without an image.”
— Aristotle

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