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Issue 302


What’s More to Design in a Chair
UX design as we know it might become a thing of past, and it may look like industrial design or fashion design in the future.

The secret sauce to elevating your design: storytelling in 4 different ways
By applying storytelling techniques in design, it can help you craft better user experiences, communicate ideas and get stakeholder buy-in.

Don’t draw the UI, draw the priority
The priorities should guide the pixels and not the other way around.

COVID-19 Has Changed Your Users
Research will help you figure out how your users have changed and how your designs need to adapt.

Tools and Resources

Guide for Creative Teams Working Remotely
A guide for designers to work more effectively with their cross-functional partners.

Component Driven User Interfaces
The development and design practice of building user interfaces with modular components.
Find design inspiration and UI examples from hand-picked sites.

Material Blog
New space on for news, guides, updates, and more.

UX Portfolio

Ivana Elisa
Ivana is a UX designer at Tokopedia.

Last But Not Least

Designing a better future is a moral obligation
Find a way to see the world through an expansive lens.

“Innovate when you know you have a better idea, stick to conventions when you don’t. ”
— Steve Krug

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