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Issue 301


A Tapestry of Tools
Every design tool offers something different, and it’s important not to think of these differences as making a tool “better” than another.

Individual contributor and manager are not mutually exclusive
The balancing act of being an individual contributor and a manager.

Accordion Icons: Which Signifiers Work Best?
The caret icon most clearly indicated to users that it would open an accordion in place, rather than linking directly to a new page.

The ultimate guide to search UX
How to design for a before search, during search and after search experience across different apps and use cases.

7 Practical Tips for Better Microcopy
Good microcopy is one of the fastest ways to improve an interface.


Live webinar with Don Norman!
Join the live Master Class webinar on how designers are the solution to the complex problems of the 21st Century! You’ll learn from Don Norman—one of the founders of the field of User Experience. This webinar is organized by Interaction Design Foundation, and registration also gives you access to a recording that you can re-watch. Spots are limited, so reserve yours today!

Tools and Resources

Shift Nudge
A new online course that teaches the intricate skills of designing visually beautiful interfaces, while balancing functionality and accessibility.

An all-in-one notebook for creatives.

UX Portfolio

Jing Qiao
Jin is a research-driven UX designer.

Last But Not Least

Observing the Double Diamond process in practice
Is there something wrong in directly trying to apply a theoretical framework in a company?

“ We need to stop worrying about proving the value of design & just focus on outcomes that provide value.”
— Denis Weil

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