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Issue 300


All Design Projects Should Start in a Google Doc
The best design work is produced by diverse teams of designers and non-designers. But not everyone knows how to use prototyping tools.

Closing the Experience Gap
3 ways to use research to build more inclusive products.

6 steps to big results: How we redesigned the Sephora app
How Sephora used research and rapid iterative testing to design an exceptional experience that generated results beyond expectation.

Designing Cards
Basic tips for and what to keep in mind while designing UX Cards

Leading-Trim: The Future of Digital Typesetting
How an emerging CSS standard can fix old problems and raise the bar for web apps

Tools and Resources

Blush for Sketch
Easily create and customize stunning illustrations right on your canvas.

Design Systems Tools
Assets and resources to help you learn and teach design systems.

State of Prototyping
Global findings on the rapid rise in the popularity and accessibility of prototyping.

UI Playbook
An effort to document common UI components, their functionality, best practices, accessibility requirements, and examples.

UX Portfolio

Kristelle Jose
Kristelle is a Design Researched based in Los Angeles, CA.

Last But Not Least

Why Do We Interface?
A micro-book with incomplete observations on human-computer interfaces.