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Issue 299


The Ultimate Guide to the Founding Designer Role
What it takes to climb aboard a startup as the first designer.

Leading with craft
Getting a seat at the table doesn’t mean you need to abandon your desk.

Building a Design System Library
How Lyft created their Product Language attributes and component libraries

Designing for the Microsoft Surface Duo
A look into the early journey in crafting dual-screen experiences.

The importance of aesthetics in Product Design
Aesthetics alone can’t build a product, but building a product with bad aesthetics would often be much harder.

Learnings from a Junior Designer at Google
Frameworks and lessons by Lola Jiang.

Tools and Resources

Design Engineering Handbook
Learn how design engineering brings together form and function while accelerating innovation

Atlassian Design System
Atlassian unified and updated their new design system documentation site.

Sketch – Meet Assistants
A new feature for Sketch that checks your designs against a set of rules and let you know if they spot issues or inconsistencies.

Designing with accessibility in mind – Kristy Viers
Kristy Viers shares how she uses her devices as someone who’s visually impaired.


Online Workshops on UX
Boost your design skills online and learn practical insights from experts in the industry, live. That’s Smashing Online Workshops, broken into 2.5h live sessions, spanning across weeks. With tangible takeaways, exercises, access to experts, slides, recordings and a friendly Q&A. Ah, use a friendly code UXDESIGNWEEKLY to save $50 off the price! Meow!

UX Portfolio

Shawn Park
Shawn is a Senior Product Designer at Discord.

Last But Not Least

Exploring Design Drinking
Making Design Thinking fun again.

“The soul never thinks without an image.”
— Aristotle

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