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Issue 298


The UX of LEGO Interface Panels
These iconic, low-resolution designs are the perfect tool to learn the basics of physical interface design.

Form design best practices
Learn how to improve the design of digital forms

Proximity Principle in Visual Design
 Design elements near each other are perceived as related, while elements spaced apart are perceived as belonging to separate groups.

Research in a Transformative Time
How Facebook and Instagram researchers are adapting to the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

Documenting is designing
How documentation drives better design outcomes.


Wireframe: A Podcast About How Design Helps Tech Fit Into Our Lives
Wireframe is a show for designers and the design-curious. This season leans into how design intersects with changes in our lives caused by the pandemic. Hear from designers at Headspace, Kickstarter and more. Whether you’re into UX, UI, tech, or the way design impacts us, the show is a must-listen.

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Tools and Resources

Webflow University 2.0
A library of lessons covering everything from layout and typography to interactions and 3D transforms.

Create isometric diagrams, for presentations, documentation and illustrations.

Basic icons for product design & development.

Brazilians Who Design
A place to showcase the work of talented Brazilian designers to the world.

UX Portfolio

Dhan Bhat
Dhan is a Senior UX Architect in Dallas, Texas.

Last But Not Least

UX Psychology: Google Search
A closer look at the ubiquitous search utility.

“As we decrease uncertainty, we give ourselves permission to increase fidelity.”
— Jonathan IrwinD

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Wireframe Podcast