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Issue 297


The things of everyday design
A trip into the depths of interface design to shine a light on affordances.

Developing a North Star product experience
A North Star tells a vivid story about what your future vision is for a product.

Contributing to Our Design System: The (Happy) Tale of Creating a New Component
From being imagined in someone’s head to being added to the design system and ready for use by everyone.

We’re in a golden age of UX. Why is video chat still stuck in the ’90s?
Zoom doesn’t need to be awful. Lessons from video chat history.


Launch Special — 50% off Uxcel Pro
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Tools and Resources

9 things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in Sketch
Some tips and tricks, gathered from the Sketch community and team.

Usability Testing: The Complete Guide
Everything you need to know to run usability tests and get actionable insights to create better user experiences.

A Guide for Working with Design Freelancers and Creative Studios
How to define your project needs, select the right creative partner, and create great work together.

Tiny minimal 1px icons that fit in small spaces and maintain a crisp look.

Next UX
A visual collaboration platform that helps the whole team point out bugs, add feedback, and propose visual ideas in one place.

UX Portfolio

Geri Reid
Geri is a UI and UX designer, working on design systems in London.

Last But Not Least

The Guide to Design
A free, self-guided class to help you take your first steps into digital product design.

“Great design is a multi-layered relationship between human life and its environment.”
— Naoto Fukasawa

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