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Issue 296


The Future Vision of Microsoft 365
On designing experiences that encompass your wellbeing.

Turning Complex Data into Compelling Stories: A 5-Step Process
Uncover the story within extensive UX-research data by following a process of revisiting original research objectives and organizing findings into themes.

Why a design system is the key to scaling accessibility
The most important part of a design system is that you can explicitly secure accessibility in one place, and it can be reused by so many other teams.

100 Days of 3D Design
How one designer taught herself 3D modeling in 100 days.

5 tips for presenting your design work to clients
Five tips to elevate your design presentations, highlighting the full breadth of the creative process you’ve worked so hard on.


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Tools and Resources

Design Things
A collection of free resources for emerging designers.

A Product Design Challenge
Get a design challenge to solve real-world problems.

GPT-3 Design Hype
Some of the hype around the web about GPT-3 and what that means for design.

Designing Data Transparency for All Lens
Data transparency must be designed to reflect an ever-expanding range of needs.


Design System Talks
A curated collection of design system talks and presentation.

UX Portfolio

Nianqi Zhang
Nianqi interned as UX Designer at New York University and Frog Design.

Last But Not Least

Is it Good Design? Well, yeah.
What people who design and build Google products consider to be good design.

“The problem with the designs of most engineers is that they are too logical. We have to accept human behavior the way it is, not the way we would wish it to be.”
— Don Norman

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