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Issue 293


Make me think!
We need further design strategies that help us accept, understand, and interact with complex situations in our lives.

What advice design leaders would give their younger selves
Five design leaders share advice they’d give designers who are looking to forge a path to leadership.

Design Better Buttons
The do’s and don’ts of button design in UI development.

Designers, own your feedback
The best way to make a design stronger is by testing it.

7 Principles of Icon Design
The hallmarks of quality icons through 7 principles and plenty of real-world examples.

The Comeback of Fun in Visual Design
With the redesign of macOS 11 Big Sur, Apple has made many interface changes and updated the appearance of apps.

Tools and Resources

3 ready-to-use templates for your next testing with users
How to build a script, document results, and self-improve.

Figma Design Project Template
A template by the Dropbox Design team to help organize your next project, created with reusable components and auto-layout.

Free illustrations
A list of free to use illustrations and vectors from around the web.

The Whimsical Web
Websites that spark joy.


UX Debt — Users Know Podcast
Kate and Laura complain about how UX Debt is like a terrible gift from Past You that you now have to clean up.

UX Portfolio

Jonny Czar
Jonny Czar is a Senior Product Designer at N26 in Berlin.

Last But Not Least

Dark Ages of the Web
A tour of the web as it used to be.

“Bad design shouts at you. Good design is the silent seller.”
— Shane Meendering