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Issue 290


The importance of clarity in UX
How visual clarity and aesthetics can impact the whole user experience.

Balance in Composition: How to Balance Design?
Users are instinctively annoyed by unbalanced design. Some tips on how to create a creative balance.

Rating Scales in UX Research: Likert or Semantic Differential?
Likert and semantic differential are instruments used to determine attitudes to products, services, and experiences, but depending on your situation, one may work better than the other.

Building the Woke Web: Web Accessibility, Inclusion & Social Justice
What inclusion looks like in practice will depend on your products, your users, and what you intend to achieve, but it cannot be an afterthought.

Jackassing design meetings, explained
Lessons that virtual calls have taught us.


BugHerd Makes It Simple To Give Clear Design Feedback To Your Developers
Your design matters. Give your developers quality feedback to ensure your designs are represented just the way you intended. It’s like leaving sticky notes on a website. Join thousands of other UX designers and trial BugHerd free for 14 days.

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Tools and Resources

My LOOONG list of design resources
A list of useful design resources.

UX Details
UX details explores design patterns and interactions across a range of digital products.

A no-code web design platform for all creatives.

Find over 10 million free to download PNG images for any project.

UX Portfolio

Adeniyi Sonoiki
Adeniyi is a Massachusetts-based print designer turned UX designer.

Last But Not Least

Which UI element are you?
A personality quiz for designers.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
— Maya Angelou