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Issue 285


5 Exercises to Level Up Your Design Skills
Actionable tasks that help you take your design further.

Uncovering the business behind the buttons
Bringing your customers and their thoughts to the table is a powerful way to shift the business.

UX Design Methods In A Mind Map
A mind map to help you apply design methods.

Designing Emotional UI
Small details that designers can introduce in their product to make users feel good.

Useful Sections for a Design System Reference Site
More people will use your design system if it’s easy to browse.


Overflow – User Flows Done Right
Overflow is the world’s first user flow diagramming tool, tailored for product design teams. Create interactive user flow diagrams, present and share them with stakeholders and receive design feedback, all in one tool. Start your 30-day free trial today to communicate your designs like never before!

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Tools and Resources

Designer Slack Communities.
A collection of Slack communities for designers.

Distributed Sprint Kit
A Figma template to help facilitate ideation sessions when teams are working in different locations and time zones.

Inside Figma: the product design team’s process
A look at the overall design team process at Figma.

UX Portfolio

David Wu
David is a product designer who interned at Lyft last year.

Last But Not Least

Science confirms it: Websites really do all look the same
Studying 10,000 websites and finding that their design has become more uniform over time.

“Your old site is the best prototype of your new site.”
— Hoa Lorangers

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