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Issue 281


Designers: the only certainty is change
Focus your energy on the things that will never change.

Button  Design
All you need to know about button design, one of the main interactive building blocks for creating a user interface.

Constructive vs Destructive feedback
Design how to get feedback, so your designs can push forward.

How People Read Online: New and Old Findings
Fundamental scanning behaviors remain constant, even as designs change.

100 Things a UX/UI Designer Should Know
Some are practical, some are poetic; all pay homage to the wonderful complexity of designing things for our fellow human beings.


Land A UX Job On Vettery
Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that is changing the way people hire and get hired. We use machine learning and real-time data to match talented job-seekers with inspiring companies. Our goal is to enrich and automate the recruiting process, make hiring more rewarding for everyone.

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Tools and Resources

Fabricating Alternatives
AI-powered card deck to help ideation and brainstorm.

Import from Figma to Framer Seamlessly
Framer Web now imports your Figma files, allowing you to turn your existing visual designs into high-fidelity prototypes.

Flow 1.8
You can now ship Lottie and Animated SVG Files.


The latest documentary by filmmaker Gary Hustwit about legendary designer Dieter Rams is streaming free.

Tim Allen – Revision Path Podcast
A talk with the VP of Design at Airbnb.

Designer at Scale with Joel Beukelman – UX & Growth Podcast
A raw and honest conversation about career growth, goal attainment, and the inevitable existential crisis that follows

UX Portfolios

Fernanda Gasparin
Fernanda is a fresh UX Grad based in London who previously generated ideas for campaigns in the Advertising world.

Claire Thomas
Claire is a UX Designer and Researcher looking for exciting and meaningful opportunities.

Nathan Gross
Nathan is a product designer obsessed with translating complicated problems into intuitive, shippable experiences.

Chao Luo
Chao is a product designer based in the Bay Area.

Last But Not Least

How Low Can Your Logo
A real contest to create a bad logo.

“Question everything generally thought to be obvious”
— Dieter Rams

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