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Issue 280


Four Definitions of Design
When you consider them together, a greater picture starts to form.

The unexamined life
An introduction to ethical design.

How to Ace a Product Designer Interview
A look at the typical hiring process of a product designer.

How to write UX copy that makes your product a joy to use
How we (as designers and copywriters) can write copy that helps people use and love our products.

Designing with Care During COVID-19 and Beyond
Some things to consider as you and your teams look to harness the power of technology to assist people in this crisis.


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Tools and Resources

Remote Work for Design Teams – DesignBetter
Learn the best practices for running a remote design team, and discover how designers can help teams collaborate while working apart.

Remote Design Resources from the Figma Community
Resources, learnings, and best practices as we learn new ways of working together remotely.
Overly descriptive color palettes.

Stay Home & Color: A collection of free coloring pages to help you relax
Coloring pages created by designers ifor you and/or your kiddos to enjoy passing the time.

Black Illustrations
Free illustrations of people of color for your next project.

Request screen recordings from users & teammates with a link.


COVID-19 Self-isolation UI Design
A video walkthrough of the a 2.5 hour design session from Matt D. Smith, edited down to less than 10 minutes.

Recommended Books from LA Design Leaders
Books useful to design leaders in inspiring growth in their career.

UX Portfolio

If you’re a designer that has been impacted by the coronavirus, please send me your portfolio to feature in the newsletter.

Yuka Livingston
Yuka is a UX Designer based in the SF Bay Area.

Last But Not Least

COVID-19 has ushered in the rise of quarantine UX
For at least a little while, the definition of a successful user experience is changing.

“If no one hates it, no one really loves it.D”
— Jessica Walsh

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