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Issue 28


The best icon is a text label
Icons are great when there is a universal meaning that everyone understands but most aren’t clear without context. To have clarity, use a label.

Users’ Perception of Product Ratings
Baymard Institute observed how subjects rely on ratings to gauge a product’s quality or value based on two key pieces of information: the average rating and the number of ratings.

One Magic Formula to Calculate User Experience?
Wouter de Bres tries to uncover the many factors that play a role in user experience and if there is a formula to calculate what the UX of your product is.

How to Delightfully Trick Users With Animation
Animation is a powerful tool that can help distract users during loading time and aid in transitions.

If You Do Nothing Else: DIY UX Research Tips
Some practical tips when doing UX research in-house on a budget. For more tips, I recommend Steve Krug’s Rocket Surgery Made Easy.

10 of the Best UX Infographics
Usabilla put together a list of some of the best UX relevant infographics out there today.

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Prototype, collaborate, and iterate. All in one place.
InVision lets you quickly build clickable prototypes, gather feedback, present-even user test. All without a single line of code. Get your free account today!

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Tools & Resources

The Only UX Reading List Ever
A recommended reading list of 60 books you should read by Simon Pan to learn or deepen your knowledge in all things UX.

GoodUI Improve
Tell someone you have an idea on how to improve the conversion rate or ease of use of their web page.

Bounce is a mobile app that saves photos of whiteboarding sessions and cleans them up automatically, so you can actually read them later.

AppSeed lets you take your sketches and make them into functioning prototypes.

Design for Wearables
I’m putting together a free course going step-by-step through the process of designing an  Apple Watch app.


Tentative is a bi-weekly podcast about digital product design, hosted by designers Reda Lemeden & Kyle Fiedler.

UX Book Giveaway
You have a few more days to enter for a chance to win a Rosenfeld Media book.

UX Portfolios

Melanie DaVeid
Melanie is a UX Designer and Art Director from Austria living in Berlin. Her portfolio is very engaging and nicely done. You can also read about her process of creating her portfolio.

UX Jobs

UI/UX Designer – Saas Startup at Iris Mobile (Chicago, IL)
Iris Mobile, an innovative mobile technology company focusing on mobile relationship management for brands and advertisers, is looking for a UI/UX Designer to be the voice of the user.

UX Senior Designer at Wikimedia Foundation (San Francisco, CA)
Love Wikipedia? The Wikipedia Foundation is looking for a UX Desisnger to create experiences that go beyond good design into delighting users.

Last But Not Least

The User is Drunk Review
Richard Littauer will get drunk and review your website for a price. Or you can just use something like Drunk User Testing.

“Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people.”
— William Butler Yeats

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