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Issue 277

Hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing in this unprecedented time. Not surprisingly, this week features many articles are working remotely. Take care.


5 Principles for Better Designer-Developer Collaboration
Great collaboration is about principles, not tactics.

How to brainstorm with your newly remote team
What our product design team did to keep collaborating from the comfort of our homes.

Tools for Remote UX Workshops
The type of workshop will dictate which tools your team should use.

An Introduction to User Journey Map
How to build a user journey map for your product or service with two free templates.

How to prove the value of Design to your CEO
Design leaders share where the design discipline stands in proving the value of design in organizations.


Have happier, more productive remote meetings for Free makes it easier and faster for remote teams to work together, share feedback and get approvals by offering user friendly video meetings with agendas, collaborative notes, and emoji responses. No download required and itโ€™s free to use.

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Tools and Resources

Coronavirus UX
How dashboard designs can impact your perception.

Coronavirus awareness icons
200 free vector icons related to hygiene and awareness about the virus spread.

More efficient Usability Testing with this template
A template used for performing user testing sessions.

An all-in-one prototyping, animation & design tool.

Turn your website into a dynamic canvas ready for feedback.

UX Portfolio

Josh Lucas
Josh is a designer currently studying Interaction Design at Kennesaw State University.

Last But Not Least

A new operating system beyond the limits of your monitor.

โ€œI am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do itโ€
โ€” Pablo Picasso

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