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Issue 273


Thigmotaxis on the infinite canvas
Figma’s strategy encourages a deeper level of creation and presence, becoming a real place where creative community hangs out.

How Waymo Uses Design to Create Trust in Self-Driving Cars
A look at Waymo’s customer experience and the design process behind it. 

Why I Prototype to Fail
Great designers don’t imagine, they iterate. A veteran shares his prototyping journey.

How to avoid 5 of the most common design system mistakes
Leaders from Pinterest, Microsoft, and more lay their best advice on the table.

Large screen phones: a challenge for UX design
The discrepancy between average hands and screen sizes has made designing for mobile more challenging.

Elevate Your UX Portfolio Presentation with Storytelling
Five tips to strengthen your presentation storytelling.


Land A UX Job On Vettery
Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that is changing the way people hire and get hired. We use machine learning and real-time data to match talented job-seekers with inspiring companies. Our goal is to enrich and automate the recruiting process, make hiring more rewarding for everyone.

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Tools and Resources

Ethnio Incentive Calculator
Pay participants the right amount anywhere in the world.

Lunacy 5.0
Free all-in-one vector graphic design editor for Windows that works with Sketch files.

Landing Pages by ConvertKit
Build a landing page and launch your next creative project for free.

Sleuth for Sketch
An open-source tool that enables your team to see how and where your design components are being used.

Best places to find design inspiration for creative people
A list of design inspiration websites.

UX Portfolio

Paul Stamatiou
Paul is a product designer at Twitter.

Last But Not Least

How to find your niche as a UI/UX designer
Five ways to uniquely position yourself.

“It’s always easier to add in the future than to remove.”
— P.J. Onori

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