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Issue 270


9 tips to quickly improve your UI designs
Small and easy to put into practice tips to improve your designs.

Making the Band: Building Exceptional Design Teams at Spotify
How building a great design team is actually pretty similar to starting a great band.

What is a Design Decision?
A decision made that affects a design is not necessarily a design decision.

The Risks of Imitating Designs (Even from Successful Companies)
Even great companies make mistakes. Don’t risk your UX by assuming it’s safe to follow a design pattern just because it’s used by a successful company.

How much of the average mobile app design is text? 36%
Finding the right amount of text in mobile apps.

Burnout: the ugly side of UX
There is more to UX than nice colors, experiments, workshops, talking to users and all the other things we enjoy.


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Tools and Resources

UX design process: a simple (but complete) guide
The UX design process needed to create effective and memorable user experiences that actually matter.

Personas by FlowMapp
Build personas to explore your user’s expectations, concerns, and motivations.

Gradientify SVG Icons
An interactive free SVG icons pack specially made for gradient lovers.


The Rise of Experience Design
Scott Belsky talks about how designers can cope with content velocity, creativity at scale, new mediums like voice and AR, and artificial intelligence.

UX Portfolio

Matthew Chu
Matthew is a product designer based in San Francisco

Last But Not Least

Dear Clients: Read this. Love, Designers.
The open letter that every client – designer needs to read.

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”
— Bill Gates



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