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Issue 27


In Design, Empathy is Not Enough
Dan Saffer, Creative Director at Jawbone, writes that empathy will get you to see the problems from the users’ perspective, but to solve the problem you have to understand.

So, you’re going to be a user researcher: top tips to get you going
An awesome list of books, articles, and tips for those getting into user research.

Prototyping Tools and Process
An in-depth look into the tools and prototyping process of design teams behind some of today’s most well designed products including Medium, Airbnb, Uber, Apple, Eventbrite, Pinterest and more.

The best interface is no interface: why we don’t always need An App for That
In an excerpt from his book, The Best Interface Is No Interface, Golden Krishna lays out his worst-case scenario for app and screen-based thinking, showing exactly how some companies are getting it wrong.

Affordances: The Designer’s Secret Weaponn
A great summary of different types of signifiers and their purpose in interaction design.

When There’s Nothing Left to Take Away
David Peter Simon writes that simple is is subjective and the best way to decrease complexity in our designs is to regularly observe how people interact with our products and services.

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Prototype, collaborate, and iterate. All in one place.
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Tools & Resources

Napkin iOS App
Napkin is a lightweight user interface design tool made for mocking up quick ideas directly on your iPhone.

Lean User Research WhatsApp Group
A 30-day space for quick discussions, opinion-exchange, and Q&A focused on lean user research in product development managed by Tomer Sharon, a Google Search User Experience Researcher.

Marvel App – Create mobile and web prototypes with Sketch!
Marvel, the free mobile & web prototyping tool, has added a plugin to send artboards straight from Sketch into your Marvel projects.

Hype Professional & Hype 3
Hype is a web site and animation builder that’s great for prototyping interactivity as well as for producing production code without knowing how to code. They just announced two huge updates to their software.


Photoshop Experts Open Photoshop 1.0
An entertaining look at Photoshop experts trying to use Photoshop 1.0.

Design in Tech Report 2015
John Maeda highlights the rising importance of design and says the most successful tech companies of the future will be design companies.

UX Portfolios

Nick Yeh
Nick is a hybrid UX designer based in San Francisco, California. His portfolio has a nice clean look and his projects show a variety of deliverables that he worked on.

Last But Not Least

UX Reactions
UX related reactions in the form of animated GIFs.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”
— Leonardo da Vinci

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