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Issue 268


This is the one skill designers need to develop most in 2020
Don Norman takes designers to task for elevating craft above all else, when what matters most is the willingness to collaborate.

What Is the Future of Product Design in the 2020s?
Design leaders from Facebook, Intercom, Dropbox, and more share predictions about the coming changes to product design.

The Split Personality Of Brutalist Web Development
Brutalist websites have flourished in recent years, but their guiding philosophy remains unclear.

A short history of body copy sizes on the Web
It’s hard to pick a font size that is just right, especially as you try to adapt to different screens and scenarios.

How do you make money as a digital product designer without opening a UI tool?
Can you make a living selling an expertise-driven product design service?


Build in-demand, user-centric UX, UI, & HCI skills at Northwestern University
Northwestern’s Information Design & Strategy program was designed for professionals in creative fields who want a stronger grounding in business strategy, so that they can move into leadership roles & make a larger impact. Choose from tracks in content strategy, data analytics, & learning design.

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Tools and Resources

All Design Conferences
A simple list of all design and front-end conferences for the year.

Storymapping Toolkit: Find Your Inner Superhero
A series of worksheets will help you understand where you’ve been and where you’re going.

Resources for designing and building dark mode experiences across mobile, desktop and the web.

The Kolormark project aims to name all the colors in the world. There are 16,777,216 colors, but only a handful have a name.


Jared Spool on teaching UX to the next generation
Jared Spool talks about everything from education to the the future of UX.

UX Portfolio

Mig Reyes
Mig is an incoming Product Design Manager at Instagram.

Last But Not Least

The next decade of design is about fixing the last century
As experts weigh in with predictions for the year 2030, one thing is clear: We’ve gone too far.

“The work needs to get out of your head and on to the table, and it needs to be done from the heart.”
— Paula Scher

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