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Issue 267


Where do IC designers go once they peak?
An individual contributor often feels the only way to grow in their career is to move into a role of formalized leadership.

How to Get Stakeholders to Sketch: A Magic Formula
4 variables to help make group sketching more productive and effective with stakeholders.

Measuring the value of design systems
When participants had access to a design system they completed their objective 34% faster than without a design system. Also, check out State of Design Systems 2019.

How Airbnb drives users’ actions with their landing page design
What makes Airbnb’s landing page different and why it is successful.

Reimagining Design Systems at Spotify
How Spotify builds design systems that fit their culture of autonomy.


Sketch version control & design workflow management.
Abstract: Design workflow management for product design teams using Sketch. With Abstract, you can version design files, present work, request reviews, collect feedback, and give developers direct access to all specs—all from one place. Get a Free Trial

Tools and Resources

Resources for Learning UX in 2020
UX courses to help you build the foundation you need to get started.

The best UX and design events in 2020
A comprehensive list for designers who are looking for design events, meetups, and conferences to attend this year.

All in one resource for finding everything about colors.

Explore the world of logo design by visual similarity.

UX Portfolio

Charlie Chao
Carline is a Product Designer from Vancouver.

Last But Not Least

The 9 best interactive designs of the year
From the latest in artificial intelligence to some very nice cabinets.

“Making every page or screen self-evident is like having good lighting in a store: it just makes everything seem better.”
— Steve Krug