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Issue 264


Generous Design is the Way Forward: 3 Keys to Transparency
To build superior products at scale, combine a classic business toolset with a design-thinking mindset.

Building trust as a designer
it’s very hard to advocate for users if you’ve lost the trust of your team. To do our work effectively, we need to build trust in both directions.

Accessibility drives aesthetics
Paying homage to OXO, Eames, GOV.UK, and more.

Complex Search-Results Pages Change Search Behavior: The Pinball Pattern
Because today’s search-results pages have many possible complex layouts, users don’t always process search results sequentially

Drawing the Data Interface
Using pen and paper for designing innovative data visualization interfaces.

4 Psychology Principles Every UX/UI Designer Should Know
Understanding psychology principles can influence human behavior and create a more seamless experience for your users.


Land A UX Job On Vettery
Vettery is an online hiring marketplace that is changing the way people hire and get hired. We use machine learning and real-time data to match talented job-seekers with inspiring companies. Our goal is to enrich and automate the recruiting process, make hiring more rewarding for everyone.

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Tools and Resources

Designer Gift Guide 2019: The best holiday gift ideas for designers
Some thoughtful gift ideas that will delight the creative practitioner you’re shopping for.

Happy Hues
Curated color palettes in action.

Vectornator Pro for Mac
Vector graphic design software for macOS.

UX Portfolio

James Wang
James is a Product Designer at Nextdoor.

Last But Not Least

Can you really convey luxury through digital product design?
Is luxury possible when rendered on the same screens and downloaded from the same digital distribution services?

“When you do something that’s guaranteed to succeed, you’re closing the door to the possibility of discovery.”
— Milton Glaser

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