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Issue 263


Design APIs: The Evolution of Design Systems
As the needs of software-driven businesses grow even larger, design systems are evolving — they are beginning to look and work like APIs.

When a tech giant invests in accessible design, more great products follow
Microsoft went all in on accessible design. Now that work is leading to changes in the industry at large.

Sketching, the timeless design tool
Tips on how to master the art of sketching.

Investing in Your Design Portfolio
Portfolios and their role in the sales process.

5 Steps to Effective Dashboard Design
What to think about when designing a dashboard.


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Tools and Resources
Open source illustrations library for design projects.

High-quality Lottie animations and static SVG illustrations.

Open source design language framework.

Framer – Web Beta
Framer is coming to the web with collaboration in 2020.

Opening up the data behind your design systems
Figma now enables you to see library usage trends, compare libraries, and drill into component usage.

UX Portfolio

Emelyn Baker
Emelyn is a senior product designer at AltSchool.

Last But Not Least

Building Great Teams
Assembling and managing successful teams is a core leadership skill.

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.”
— Charles Kettering

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