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Issue 262


Expect Change in Your Design Career. Choose Growth
If you recognize that change is coming and help others along the way, you can future-proof yourself.

Where to Send Users after They ‘Sign In’ or ‘Reset Password’
34% of sites don’t take users to their intended path after they’ve signed in.

Five Traits of Great User Researchers
Advice for taking your UX research career to the next level.

Setting the Table for Dynamic Change
To have both resilience and grit, you must be able to absorb it all and keep going.

Better Design With Deep Thinking
Deep work allows designers to thrive by leveraging their skills to solve complex problems and create better products.


Schedule User Interviews the Easy Way with Acuity Scheduling
It’s time to say goodbye to the “What time works for you?” email ping-pong. Acuity’s approach to appointment scheduling makes it easy and intuitive for users to self-book their own time slot with you, based on your real-time availability. With Acuity, all you need to do is show up at the right time.

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What I mean when I say CRAFT
Joel Beukelman discusses what the word “craft” means to him.

Tips for New UX Designers — Users Know Podcast
Kate and Laura attempt to give advice to new UXers.

Selected Books on Design
Design book recommendations on different related topics.

UX Portfolio

Justine Win Canete
Justine is a Product designer at Shopify.

UX Job

UX/UI Designer at Barnes and Noble Education – New York City
Barnes and Noble Education is seeking a strong UX/UI designer to create new features and products for students.

Last But Not Least

A Designer and a Nordic Guy Walk into a Hall
In the world of beg, borrow, steal, and “creativity is a remix”, where, and how does one discover mastery?

“Your designs are your babies. If you hire the right people, they become co-parents who can do a better job than you can with parts of the work.”
— Tim Van Damme

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