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Issue 26

Apple is in all the news this week with the imminent release of the  Watch (and new Macbook). To coincide with the launch, I’m putting together a FREE Design for Wearables course where you’ll learn to design an Apple Watch app. Have a great weekend!
— Kenny


Disney’s Magicband is the Best UX Design of the Decade
If you want an amazing user experience, go to Disney World in Orlando where there is no need to carry cash, maps, or tickets, hosts greet you by name, food arrives anywhere you sit, wait times for rides are minimized and more – all through a magical wristband.

“Delightful” Interaction Needs to Die
Fast Company is running their own March Madness to find the world’s most overrated design and one of the elite eight for the Interface Design category is “delightful” design. Also, see why another contender, flat design, won’t save your garbage app. For a different perspective, see Why Does FastCoDesign Hate Design?

‘View Full Site’ Must Die
A case study of how Capital One moved from a “M dot” site to a responsive design and it not only created a better experience for users on mobile devices, it also produced higher revenue, reduced drop-off numbers, increased visits, and more.

Beyond Blue Links: Making Clickable Elements Recognizable
Hoa Loranger writes about how you can encourage site engagement by designing clickable items so that users recognize that they are clickable.

How to Change User Habits with Interaction Design
By keeping in mind the three parts of a habit (cue, routine, reward) at each point of interaction, you can help guide the user behavior.

Designing Navigation On Mobile: Prototyping With Keynote
When designing for mobile, you could use a variety of tools to communicate the design. Patrick Marsceill, senior designer at Happy Cog, shows how you can easily prototype a sliding navigation menu using Keynote.

Designing for [Meaningful] Engagement
Metrics can tell one story but if you really care about user experience, meaningful engagement is the only engagement that matters.

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Tools & Resources

The 5 laws of Interface Design Course
Y Combinator’s Kevin Hale teaches the 5 laws (Fitt’s, Sterring, Hick’s, Miller’s, Power) every designer should know about interface design.

Design Research Techniques
Huge online repository of design techniques throughout a project lifecycle.

Balsamiq Mockups 3
Balsamiq Mockups 3 was officially released this week and is both simpler and more powerful at the same time.

Freebie: Onboarding Template – Mobile (PDF, AI, EPS)
Make sure your onboarding process is clear and organized with this free mobile onboarding template by UX Designer Matthew Stephen.

UX Agony Aunt
Have a research problem you can’t get your head around? A client who doesn’t want to invest in user research? Ask the UX Agony Aunt by Optimal Workshop.


UX Book Giveaway
I’m giving away another UX book by Rosenfeld Media this month so enter for a chance to win.

UI Animation Reviews: Web Navigation
A review of five sites that use animation well in their navigation.

UX Portfolios

Luis Guzman
Luis’ portfolio show his process, deliverables, and decisions on various products and while they are all school and personal projects, it’s better than nothing.

Last But Not Least

Break Up with Internet Explorer 8
Friends don’t let friends date IE8.

“If there’s a ‘trick’ to it, the UI is broken.”
— Douglas Anderson

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