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Issue 257


The Trick to Recession-proofing Your Design Practice? Try Something New
In uncertain times, designers weigh what jobs to take.

It’s time we stop unsolicitedly redesigning Spotify
A list of non-profit organizations that could use your design chops instead.

How to design delightful dark themes
How to design dark themes that are readable, balanced, and delightful.

Dear Ueno: What’s your design process like?
A look at the six core components that Ueno most commonly leans on.

Design Systems Are About Relationships
How designers and developers can create more robust design systems by building a culture of collaboration.


Build in-demand UX, UI, & HCI skills part-time at Northwestern University
Northwestern’s Information Design & Strategy program is designed for professionals in creative fields who want a stronger grounding in business strategy, so that they can move into leadership roles and make larger impacts. Choose from tracks in content strategy, data analytics, & learning design.

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Tools and Resources

Design For Business Impact
Case studies which show from multi-billion dollar companies and early stage startups that showcase design as a strategic business partner.

Collection of high-resolution vector or illustrations background images.


How UX design can bridge the gaps between people
Louis Rosenfeld on how how his IA and UX experience informs his publishing and curating decisions.

UX Portfolio

Justas Vitenas
Justas is a product designer, based in Zürich, Switzerland.

Last But Not Least

Supreme Court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino’s over site accessibility
Domino’s Pizza won’t be able to evade a lawsuit claiming it doesn’t ensure blind people can order food through its website and mobile app.

“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.”
— Grace Hopper

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