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Issue 256


The league of evil designers
Over the last few years, we’ve become disillusioned with services we once touted as revolutionary.

A Framework for Making Better Product Decisions
By taking a disciplined approach to planning and review, teams evaluate their work better and improve their future decisions.

Guided by style
How Dropbox keeps their content style guide current and use-worthy.

The Obvious UI is Often the Best UI
Design clear interactions instead of clever ones, and users will follow.

How to prepare for an awesome Product Designer interview
Take a peek behind the scenes to see what questions are asked and how they evaluate the answers to find great designers at Snapdocs.


Build in-demand, user-centric UX, UI, & HCI skills at Northwestern University
Northwestern’s Information Design & Strategy program was designed for professionals in creative fields who want a stronger grounding in business strategy, so that they can move into leadership roles & make a larger impact. Choose from tracks in content strategy, data analytics, & learning design.

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Tools and Resources

GV’s Guide to UX Research for Startups
How to learn more faster.

How Design Companies Build Communities
The most comprehensive overview across the web on how big design companies build digital communities.

1,000+ customizable, animated icons & illustrations exportable to code.


Is Web Design Dead? with Jeffrey Zeldman – User Defenders Podcast
Jeffrey Zeldman enlightens us to what the Web was, where it’s at now, and where it could go in the future.

Jina Anne – DesignBetter Podcast
What Jina learned building communities and how being a hybrid designer-developer influences her understanding of design systems.

Framer Guide to React
An ebook formatted into three skimmable chapters that take you through the theory, syntax, and tools of React.

UX Portfolio

Devansh Gandhi
Devansh is a Product Design Intern at Facebook.

Karolina Szczur
Karolina is a designer who codes.

Last But Not Least

How Google Scaled Empathy and Taught Engineers User Research
How Margaret Lee taught her entire engineering and product management team of 100+ people how to do user research.

“It is far better to adapt the technology to the user than to force the user to adapt to the technology.”
— Larry Marine

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